I haven’t done any evocation or other spirit work since 2020. Between the start of the pandemic and the George Floyd riots here in Minneapolis, I suffered a mental health breakdown of epic proportions that year, and in the wake of it I put all of my magical work on hold save for grounding and some basic talismanic workings. These were comfortable and safe. Although I’ve been feeling the call to do spirit work again of late, particular aspects of the trauma I suffered as a result of my breakdown have made it feel distinctly unsafe and have forced me to call into question a great deal of what I once thought I knew. Consequently, I’ve taken a hands-off approach when it comes to my prior spirit working. Until now.

In the end, I had to be called to it. It was on a day in which I was diving deep into some of my childhood traumas and core fears. One of the things that became apparent to me as a result of this trauma work was that I grew up from a very small age feeling terrified of being alone. This fear has carried into my adult life in a number of ways, though they’re far more subtle and low-key than they once were. This becomes salient later in the story.

As I went down to my basement office this past Sunday, I could feel a strange and heavy energy in the air. My attention was drawn to my Lotus Wand when I first stepped in the door–an implement which I seldom devote attention to unless I’m using it in ritual. It was then pulled to the black scrying mirror I had made a few months ago but not yet used, as well as the protective circle upon which it rests. I knew that something was calling, but I didn’t know what–until I was overcome with a strong urge to check the planetary hour. It was the exact minute that began the hour of the Sun. At this point I recognized it was Michael who had come calling, and had a message for me.

I’ve worked with Michael before, and have multiple talismans devoted to him, so a spontaneous contact from him was not out of the ordinary–though it’s the first such spirit contact I’ve had in more than a year. Knowing that this working was significant, I began an audio recording. I narrated the process throughout, and captured both my words and Michael’s responses in the audio. What follows is a transcription of that working.

I don’t normally write up my workings. But Michael insisted that this must be shared. The message wasn’t just for me: it was one he wanted everyone else to hear as well. I was instructed to record the working and to pass it along to others, and I serve at the pleasure of Michael who is one of my patron spirits. So be it. Let this be a testament and a witness to the glory of Michael, the Archangel of the Sun.

The Visitation of Michael

The office is hot and dry. My scrying mirror rests upon the seal. Michael directs me to set up the mirror, being very careful not to look into it as I do so. He instructs me to orient the names of the four Archangels on the seal in accordance with the cardinal directions to which they are attributed. I was then directed to take up my Lotus Wand. I hold the wand in my hands by the white band, the end of the shaft touching the floor, maintaining contact with the earth. I bow the crown of my forehead to the lotus which crowns the wand. I instinctively go to look into the mirror, and hear “NOT YET.” I am reminded that there is still a protocol here to follow–something I normally observe fastidiously, but the headiness of the moment has me feeling discombobulated and I am already entering into an altered state of consciousness.

Rather than performing a standard opening, an extemporaneous prayer suffices.

Archangel Michael, I invoke thee in humility and in awe. I invite thee to appear, to come forth and speak with me, as I have been invited to your holy throne. Sancte Michael Archangele, protect me in these rites. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.1

My chin rests upon the Lotus Wand, the end of the shaft still resting upon the earth. I look into the mirror. I see myself. There is a small circle in the middle, around the area of my chin, like a small swirling vortex. I let it become my not-focus, gazing into it to the point that it feels as though I am looking through it. Eyes steady. Not moving.

I see wings. The figure of a person between them. I see a dragon. Michael is present.

Why have you called me here, Michael? What have you to teach me?

The archangel responds:


At this point I break down sobbing, a healing release unlike any I have ever felt before. I am overcome.

Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god… Thank you…

I can do little other than cry uncontrollably for the following two minutes. I feel partially pulled out of the trance by this, and utterly overcome and overwhelmed.

I can’t–I can’t go on. Not right now.


I see the figure of a man. He appears to be walking, revolving around and around. It fades from view. I feel the energy lift, the air clearing, and sense that Michael has departed.

Chin on my Lotus Wand. Lotus Wand touching the ground. I perform the Qabalistic Cross and close the circle.

Here ends the working.

  1. I am not a Christian, and do not generally invoke the Trinity in my prayers; but Michael is a Christian archangel, and the wording was to his pleasure.