Below is the text of Coffin Spell 261, presented to the best of my knowledge for the first time in both Egyptian and in English translation. The Egyptian text is written phonetically for ease of recitation, based on the Egyptological spellings of the words as graciously provided by JoeyJoJo on the Hermetic House of Life Discord server. Coffin Spell 261 also features centrally in my own Invocation of Heka. The phonetic pronunciation is my own, and the English translation is cobbled together from multiple partial translations of excerpts. Any omissions or errors are my own. I have followed the phonetic pronunciation and translation with the Egyptological spelling of the text for completeness.

For assistance with pronunciation, I have provided audio of the Egyptian followed by the English for each line below.

ḫpr m ḥk


I shepsu m-baḥ neb-temO noble ones who are before the All,
m-ten wi i’i-ku kher-tjenbehold, I have come before you.
senedj n-i khefet rekhet-n-tjenRespect me in accordance with what you know.
inek ir-n neb-waI am he whom the Unique Lord made
ni kheperet ishet seneti m ta penbefore duality had come into being in this land
m hab-f wat iret-fby his sending forth his unique eye
m wen-f wa’iwhen he existed alone,
m peret m r-fby the going forth from his mouth
m wenen ḥeḥ-f n ka m sa wenedjut-fwhen his myriads of spirits were the protection of his companions
m medu-f ḥena kheperi ḥen’afwhen he spoke with Khepri, with him,
weser-f r-fthat he might be more powerful than he;
m itshet-f ḥu tep r-fwhen he put Hu upon his mouth.
inek wenenet za pu n meset temI am indeed the son of the All who was born before his mother yet existed.
yu-i m sa wedjet neb-waI am the protection of that which the Unique Lord has ordained.
inek se-‘ankh pesedjetI am he who caused the Ennead to live.
inek merer-f irer-f it netjeruI am ‘if-he-wishes-he-does’, the father of the gods.
qa yatThe standard is high
semenekh netjer khefet wedjet mes temThe god is endowed in accordance with the command of Her who bore Atum
ger-n-iI have kept silence,
kes-n-iI have bowed down,
i’i-n-i tjeb ka’u nu petI have seated myself,
ḥemes-n-i ka’u nutO bulls of heaven,
m sa’ḥu-i pu wer n neb ka’uin this my great dignity as Lord of kas
yua’u n re’-temheir of Re-Atum
i’i-n-i itjet-i neset-iI have come so that I may take possession of my throne
seshep-i sa’ḥ-iSo that I may assume my sꜥḥ [dignity].
nenek temFor to me belonged the universe
ni kheperet-tjen netjerubefore you gods had yet come into being
ha n-tjen yu ḥer peḥwiDescend, you who have come afterwards.
inek ḥekaI am Heka.

Coffin Spell 261 – Egyptological Spelling

j špsw m-bꜣḥ nb-tm

m.ṯn wj ḫr.ṯn

snḏ n.j ḫft rḫt.n.ṯn

jnk jr.n nb-wꜥ

n[j?] ḫprt jšt sntj m tꜣ pn

m hꜣb.f wꜥt jrt.f

m wn.f wꜥy

m prt m r.f

m wnn ḥḥ.f n kꜣ m sꜣ wnḏwt.f

m mdw.f ḥn ḫprj ḥn.f

wsr.f r.f

m jṯt.f ḥw tp r.f

jnk wnnt zꜣ pw n mst tm

jw.j m sꜣ wḏt nb-wꜥ

jnk sꜥnḫ psḏt

jnk mrr.f jrr.f (j)t nṯrw

qꜣ jꜣt

smnḫ nṯr ḫft wḏt ms tm

nṯr špsj

wnm mdw m r.f



jj.n.j ṯb kꜣw nw pt

ḥms.n.j kꜣw nwt

m sꜥḥw.j pw wr n nb kꜣw

jwꜥw n rꜥ-tm

jj.n.j jṯt.j nst.j

sšp.j sꜥḥ.j

nnk tm

nj ḫprt.ṯn nṯrw

hꜣ n.ṯn jw ḥr pḥwj

jnk ḥkꜣ