Those of you who come primarily for my blog may have missed the Hermetic Audio Glossary page on my site, and until recently you’d have had good reason for this: the project has been rather dormant as I’ve had other things on the front burner of late. But I’ve recently added some fresh content to it, including the pronunciations of the names of the Sephiroth on the Tree of Life and their various correspondences, as well as the Coptic names of the Golden Dawn godforms of the Neophyte Hall–the latter of which is intended to company my earlier paper on the same topic.

This post isn’t just promoting the new content, though: it’s also a solicitation for input. The Hermetic Audio Glossary is intended to be a resource to help people who might have seen a given word, name, phrase, or prayer in print, but never heard it said before and are unsure how to pronounce it properly. Got something you don’t know how to pronounce? Chances are you aren’t the only one! Please let me know, and I’ll get it recorded and uploaded.

Right now much of my content is Golden Dawn themed (because of course it is), but this project is intended to cover all periods and flavors of Hermeticism and related currents; this encompasses the PGM, the Orphic Hymns, Enochian, the grimoire tradition, and most other things you could think of. So if you have requests, shoot them my way!