I authored this paper pseudonymously under the name Spencer M. Graves, and published it in the Summer Solstice 2016 edition of Nick Farrell’s Hermetic Tablet journal. This research represents my attempt to remedy the Coptic names of the Godforms used within the Golden Dawn tradition, as the names given both in Regardie and in Adam Forrest’s more recent work differ in many cases wildly from the historically attested forms of those names. In some cases the errors are unique enough to attribute to specific source texts, and in others one fails to comprehend any underlying rationale whatsoever. The Coptic language resources available at the time of the Golden Dawn’s founding were notoriously poor and scant, and this paper is my effort to bring this little area of Golden Dawn studies into the light of 21st century scholarship. The PDF of this article is freely available for download below.

Coptic Names in the Golden Dawn